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Holiday Season 2016 is history and it was a great year for CB-USA. We hope you'all are ready for a great Summer and that your Spring has been a blessed one. As always we're rolling out new items for Holidays 2017, so have a look on ETSY and don't forget to order early. Please also note that there have been many changes to the ETSY pages as they seem to be "branching out" if you will, to foreign markets. Please think of us here at CB-USA, (American owned and made), as we move forward and compete.

As always, all of my crafts are meticulously handmade from start to finish, so order early and beat the rush. As always, may God bless you and yours, and remember us for all your crafts, decorating and gifting needs this holiday season.

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PS: Reminder, all of our items are available on the "Etsy" Web Store, as well as our Facebook page, -Country Babies USA-. Also, we can invoice you via the FB page and you may pay with which ever credit card you chose. 

Important note concerning all Confederate Flag (Southern Pride) products: I'm sure you all have been reading and listening to the debate concerning the Confederate Flag. We here at CB-USA are reaching out to inform our loyal customers that our products of the (Southern Pride) line are still available by way of special order direct to my company email ( To be clear, CB-USA embraces our storied American history and strives to be mindful of its accurate origins. It is truly a significant part of who we are. We love our country and we're prayerful that all will view our products simply for the handcrafted Americana keepsakes they are. With that said, we are bound by the contractual obligations as outlined in our agreements with our advertisers. Consequently we write today to inform you that we did not pull our products off of our pages, but rather they were removed from certain outlets without our knowledge or consent and without advanced notice or recourse. For this reason, and because we feel strongly in the constitutional tenets of liberty and freedom, we shall continue to offer these products by special order. Please know that this is in no way meant to be an affront to any American, but rather an exercise in the freedom so many American sons and daughters have fought and died for.

With that said, CB-USA fully intends to remain outside the political argument except to remind all Americans to know and understand the true history of this great nation. And as always, we appreciate your understanding and patronage. Thank you again for being part of the Country Babies USA family, and God bless the United States of America.

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NOTE: My husbands firearms classes are now by appointment only, with class sizes limited to ten, and with carry license qualification allowed for those with range access only. And remember, law enforcement, retired law enforcement, military and retired military are free with proper credentials. Please direct any questions or waiting list requests to Thank you...
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